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Professionals Monthly Update
October 2015
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With the official start of fall we're entering peak season for landscape lighting installations. 

Sunset now arrives earlier, so lighting is a natural way to extend your customers' enjoyment of their outdoor living spaces.  

Many buyers first experience great outdoor lighting in others' landscapes. Halloween evening activities are a great time for neighbors to be impressed by great lighting.

We are stocked with all of your favorite landscape lighting products in energy-saving LED, plus replacement lamps for existing installations.  

Ask us how to profitably extend your season with landscape lighting!   

Consolidated Turf Fall Hours
Winnipeg   Monday-Friday 8:30 - 5:00
Saskatoon Monday-Friday 8:30 - 5:00 
Edmonton  Monday-Friday 7:30 - 4:30  
Calgary      Monday-Friday 7:30 - 5:00    
Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association Conference

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association is holding their 2015 Conference and AGM October 22-24 th.  This is a great opportunity for your business to network with other likeminded company's during workshops, educational seminars or on the tradeshow floor.  Check out the conference brochure by clicking here.
Find more information on the event at their website.
Choose Rain Bird's No Maintenance Golf Solenoid

With unmatched 25kV surge protection and built-in filtration for a second level of protection from debris, the new GBS25 solenoid that's standard on all Rain Bird electric golf rotors eliminates most of the common maintenance tasks that plague competing rotors.

The GBS25 introduces several new improvements and features including:
  • Industry-leading surge resistance of 25kV
  • Built-in filtration for a 2nd level of debris protection
  • New ¾" shorter body design that eliminates the need for a thread adapter
  • Captured plunger and wire capture ports
  • Reduction to minimum operating voltage
The durability of the GBS25 practically eliminates service labor. The GBS25 comes with a 1-year warranty standard and is extended to 5 years when installed with a Rain Bird swing joint.

At Rain Bird, we think the easiest maintenance is no maintenance at all.

Ask your your Consolidated Turf representative about the new GBS25 solenoid that's included
on all Rain Bird electric golf rotors, or visit rainbird.com/GolfRotors to learn more.
Be Ready for Snow & Ice by Pre-Ordering Ice Melt Today
Experts Predict Ice Melt in Short Supply  

If current trends continue, the professional snow and ice management industry is facing another year of short supplies and rising prices. 
Be prepared by ordering early and locking in your supply. 

Contact your Consolidated Turf representative for pricing and to learn about our contractor-friendly services.   
New at CTE:  BlissLights® Perma Bright™ Laser
Check out the latest and greatest to shine bright from King Innovation:   The BlissLights® Perma Bright Laser .
Bliss Lights provide a truly unique lighting experience. They project thousands of static pinpoints of light, perfect for a "fire fly" effect in a garden or creating a truly unique holiday display that will amaze homeowners and neighbors.  They can transform a pool, house, or any other outdoor surface as a stand-alone item or as an accent light in an existing low voltage (12VDC) landscape lighting system. Use only one color or combine the colors to create vibrant effects. The Perma Bright Lasers push boundaries and expectations and provide that extra wow factor to captivate viewers!
The BlissLights Perma Bright Laser utilizes a state of the art Class 2M laser combined with diffractive holographic optics, super luminous diodes and precision motors to produce a cutting edge laser light with a dramatic effect. BlissLights cover a range of 50' x 50' or 2,500 square feet. This contractor grade light is carefully crafted for durability with a metal housing and direct bury rated cable to stand up to harsh elements.
Weld-On Tips for Solvent Cementing in Cold Weather

Working in freezing temperatures is never easy, but sometimes the job is necessary. If that unavoidable job includes solvent cementing plastic pipe, you can do it successfully with Weld-On solvent cements.

In cold weather, solvent cements penetrate and soften the surfaces of plastic pipe and fittings more slowly than in warm weather. The plastic is also more resistant to solvent attack. Therefore, it is very important to pre-soften surfaces with an aggressive primer. A longer cure time is necessary due to a slower evaporation rate in cold weather.
Tips to follow when solvent welding in cold weather:
1. Prefabricate in a heated work area.
2. Store bulk quantities of primer & cement in a warm location above 40°F (4ºC) when not in use and make sure they remain fluid. We recommend the use of smaller containers to transport the fluid products to the joint assembly work-site.
3. If Weld-On solvent cement is stored at a very cold temperature
and gels, it can be reconstituted by bringing it into a warm environment (60°F - 90°F / 15ºC - 32ºC ) and allowing it to sit for 24 hours. Do not try to artificially heat it in order to speed up the process. Before use, vigorously shake the solvent cement.
4. Take special care to remove moisture including ice and snow from the surfaces to be joined,especially from the ends of the pipe as well as fittings and valve sockets.
5. Ensure that the pipe,fittings,and valves are at the same temperature prior to priming and solvent cementing.
6. Use Weld-On P-70™ Primer to soften the joining surfaces before applying the solvent cement. More than one application may be necessary. Surfaces are sufficiently "primed" when scraping a blade on the treated part will result in the effortless removal of some plastic material.
7. Allow a longer cure period before the system is pressure tested. A heat blanket may be used to speed up the set and cure times.
8. Read and follow all directions on Weld-On product labels carefully before installation.

Click to download the full technical bulletin.      
Use E-Mail to Send Winterization Reminders to Customers 
E-mail is a great way to remind your customers of the need to have their irrigation system professionally winterized.   Here are some tips for successfully using email for this task:

1)  Use an html-based email (like this one) to contact customers.  You can include helpful graphics and links to on-line resources.   Plus, you will receive automated tracking of bounced emails so you can easily correct out-of-date lists.   Click here to sign up for a free 90 day trial of an easy-to-use email service.

2) If you can, link your email to a page on your website where customers can schedule their winterization appointments.   Or simply ask customers to respond to your email.    
What is Reclaimed Water Pipe?

Chuck Walker, VP of Sales with Silverline Plastics discusses the reasons professionals should "go purple" with reclaimed water pipe.    Check out the video!