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Professionals Monthly Update
November 2015
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November is a great month to focus on finishing the year strong.

It's also a time to line up business for the next season. Here are some important tasks to work on:

Filling in your remaining schedule.   Got an opening? Are you able to squeeze in one more winterization in a certain neighborhood?   Pick up the phone!   You'll be surprised how many sales you can close just by calling and checking in.   Even if you don't make a sale, a check-in call reinforces business next season.
Setting up contract renewals. Learn now which customers will need your services next season. Being proactive locks in the business early. Client communication is important year-round, but is especially critical at decision-making time.

Plan your winter 2016 budget.   Set aside dollars to fund improvements needed for the next season. Whether you need a better website, an improved employee recruiting program or an overhaul of your work order software, now is the time to allocate dollars and engage vendors.  By starting now, you will be certain to be ready for next spring. 

Consolidated Turf Fall Hours
Winnipeg   Monday-Friday 8:30 - 5:00
Saskatoon Monday-Friday 8:30 - 4:30 
Edmonton  Monday-Friday 8:30 - 4:30  
Calgary      Monday-Friday 8:30 - 4:30    
Ice Melt Prices That Won't Make You Shiver
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Get the best prices of the season by ordering now.  

We offer pricing by the bag and by the pallet on three of the industry's most popular blends.

Our custom blend is carefully tuned to the needs of our harsh winters.  

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Industry Events

Manitoba Golf Course Superintendents Association - Annual General Meeting & Conference November 18, 2015, Windsor Park CanadInns, Winnipeg

Green Industry Show and Conference GISC, November 19-20 BMO Centre, Calgary

AGSA Property Managers Conference   November 29 - December 1st  Coast Hotel, Canmore  
DryConn® DBR/Y-600: Best in Class for Irrigation, Golf and 2-Wire Applications

We know you take pride in your work, and strive to use high quality materials. It's the simplest way to reduce liability risk, decrease call backs, and improve relationships. When it comes to quality in wire connectors for golf and two wire applications, the DryConn® DBR/Y-600 is the leader. This UL 486D Listed waterproof wire connector far surpasses similar items in the marketplace. Here's why:
  1. Waterproofing: The DBR/Y tube housing holds a whopping 74% more silicone than similar connectors-specifically, that's 14.75mL of fill versus a meager 8.5mL.
  2. Pullout Performance: During tedious testing, it was determined that the DBR/Y consistently performs 10% better in pullout testing than competing connectors.
  3. Connector Design: The Gorilla Nut inside each DBR/Y has a square cut spring to grip wires, and a cushioned exterior for comfortable grip.
  4. Made in the USA: DryConn connectors are carefully crafted at the King Innovation headquarters in O'Fallon, MO where quality processes + quality materials = superior products.
Check out the video for more information on how to accomplish high quality connections with the DBR/Y-600.
Winterize Safely & Profitably This Season 
Irrigation winterizations can be a profitable business if done correctly.   Let's review some important aspects of doing the job right to avoid problems for yourself and your customer in the future. 

Let's review some important aspects of doing the job right to avoid problems for yourself and your customer in the future.
Safety first. When working with compressed air in cold conditions, strange things can happen.  There have been contractors seriously injured from winterizing irrigation systems.  Wear eye protection.  Don't stand over equipment when it's running.  Don't try to pry up heads when under air pressure. Components that are iced can become very brittle and explode.   Be cautious in all aspects.

Remember the Backflow   Take particular care with winterizing backflow devices.  Be sure to turn ball valves to the 1/2 off position to release water from the seal area.  Open testcocks to release water in the device. 

Think volume not pressure. Don't exceed 80 PSI when blowing out a system.  There's no need to take products beyond their rated pressures with air.  Select a compressor that can deliver high CFM (cubic feet per minute), not one designed for high pressure.  Pressure will only cause components to fail and will not get the job done faster.

Be watchful.  Don't run a zone too long on air.  Rotors will literally melt or "burn up" from the inside when run on air. They're designed to be water-lubricated.  Taking away the water and running them dry too long will cause failures, regardless of brand.

Winterizations can be very profitable for a quality contractor.  Take the time to do the job safely and correctly.
New Video Series from NDS Helps You Plan Drainage

NDS provides contractors with the most informative tools in the drainage industry
NDS has created a video series that has been designed to take the contractor through three crucial steps to fix drainage problems:
  • Identify current or potential drainage problems
  • Calculate how much runoff water you need to plan for
  • How to identify and properly size a solution that will work for you.
In an upcoming six-part series, the NDS resident civil engineer, Dr. Drainage, walks you through how to calculate runoff, store runoff, size your catch basin and determine what drain pipe to use. Click here to see the full series on YouTube.
In addition to these videos, NDS has created a series of online calculators that make it easy for contractors to plug in information from their jobsite and it helps you calculate drainage for your dry well, French drain, and drain pipe.
For more information please visit the NDS contractor website to sign up and receive a starter package that includes training and marketing materials or visit their YouTube channel for extensive installation videos and helpful product overviews.
NDS YouTube Channel for more videos 
Winter Project Spotlight: Add Personality to Your Website That Gets Customers to Call for Your Services  
Your online presence is often the first impression customers and prospects get of your brand.

This can be good if you're diligent about building an impressive digital presence - but not so good if you your website has been collecting dust for the past year. If it seems that your company's web presence is a little vanilla, here are five easy ways to add some flavor.
  • Use real photos of the people behind your business. Skip the cheesy stock photos and post real photos of you and your staff that are more than just smiling headshots.
  • Write nontraditional bios. Your staff page is likely one of the most popular pages on your website. Customers love to know the people behind the business. Write fun bios with interesting facts about your employees and give your staff page a more human factor.
  • Get creative in your content. You can be professional and personable at the same time. Strip out any mumbo-jumbo industry jargon-that's not how your customers talk. Replace it with short sentences that are well crafted and conversational. And don't be afraid to add humor where appropriate.
  • Promote engagement. Link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter accounts. Feature a company blog on your homepage. Be real, human and authentic-it's the best way to connect with your online visitors and "relax" your online personality.