Landscape Geo-Grid

Meeting today’s need for environmentally sustainable permeable surfaces, the EcoGrid/EcoRaster permeable paver is ideal for roads, parking areas, agricultural use, equestrian facilities, green roofing, pathways, gravel driveways, golf courses, mud control, erosion control, green spaces, landscapes, campgrounds and public spaces.

Landscape Geo-Grid

Product features and benefits include:

  • Eliminates mud
  • Prevents soil compaction
  • Creates a water permeable surface
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • Does not rot, crack or splinter
  • Maintenance free
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Long lasting
  • Environmentally friendly

Permeable paving (also known as pervious or porous pavement) defines the method of paving a surface so that it allows the flow of water through it. This allows stormwater to filter through the soil below the paved surface, preventing the numerous environmental issues associated with water runoff. EcoGrid/EcoRaster provides a "green" asphalt alternative and an effective method of erosion control.

EcoGrid/EcoRaster can be used as either a permeable paving surface for pedestrian / vehicular traffic or as a soil stabilization / mud abatement grid in the prevention of erosion. EcoGrid/EcoRaster is virtually maintenance free. This unique gravel or grass paver provides a cost effective and perfect solution for constructing ideal surfaces for various applications. EcoGrid/EcoRaster is water permeable and quickly becomes concealed after being covered by grass or can be filled with gravel.

The unique patented fastening system makes it extremely efficient and easy to use, with the added advantage of being constructed from 100% recycled high density polyethylene. The product has been used extensively across Europe for many years and is now becoming a brand leader in North America. EcoGrid/EcoRaster is the industry leader in environmentally sustainable geogrid and offers numerous maintenance and cost benefits over other porous pavement solutions. With its patented tab locking system, EcoGrid/EcoRaster is the best engineered permeable paver and soil stabilization product available today.