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Professionals Monthly Update
June 2015
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Dear Marshall,


It's that time of year when your team is working extra hard to meet your customers' demands.


Here are some tips for keeping them motivated and efficient during this busy time.

  • Over-communicate - schedules change.  Make sure everyone - your team and your customers - know the latest work plans.
  • Acknowledge the wins - let everyone know that you're proud of what they're accomplishing. Share photos and customer comments.
  • Set short term goals with rewards - buy lunch or hand out gift cards for hitting weekly targets.
  • Keep a positive attitude - the boss sets the tone for the whole crew.

Find ways to show appreciation and support for the hard work your team is putting in to help you reach your goals.


Let us know how we can help you have a great month!

Consolidated Turf Summer Hours

Winnipeg Monday - Friday 8:30 to 5:00

Saskatoon Monday- Friday 8:30 to 5:00 

Edmonton Monday - Friday 7:00 - 4:30  

Calgary Monday - Friday 7:00 - 5:00 


Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Industry Events


Easy Turf Artificial Sod   

Meet and Greet with Nick Jensen of Easy Turf

Thursday June 4th 12:00-2:30 - Demo Day 2.5 hrs

Consolidated Turf, Calgary Office

Calgary, Alberta


1st AGSA (Alberta Golf Superintendents Association)  

Spring Meeting

June 8, 2015

Derrick Golf and Winter Club

Edmonton, AB


Peace Country Golf Superintendents Association  

June Meeting

June 11, 2015  9:00 AM Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Giordano (click to view bio), Bayer

The Dunes Golf and Winter Club

Grande Prairie, AB

Click to view invitation 


Unique Lighting - Meet and Greet With David Ferron of Unique Lighting
Wednesday June 24th, 2015

Consolidated Turf, Calgary Office

David Ferron will answer your questions about anything landscape lighting. This includes tips and tricks as well as design fundamentals. Visit 10:00am and 1:00 PM and learn new ideas to grow your business 


Unique Lighting Offers Variety for the Professional

Unique Landscape Lighting has different outdoor lines for all budgets, looks and functions.


The Elements Series was created for the discerning customer who wants the latest in high-quality lighting at a great value. True to its name, the Elements™ Series offers a unique blend of materials and an authentic styling to match the natural environment in which it is placed.


Unique Lighting's Odyssey line is the final step in creating the perfect outdoor atmosphere. Experience the marriage of beauty and durability as each Odyssey line fixture is built from solid brass and stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime.


Coupled with Unique's Power Management System, these line are the most dependable and beautiful lighting systems on the market


If you would like to meet our UNIQUE manufacturer representative, we will be having a Meet and Greet with coffee and donuts from 10:00am till noon on Thursday June 24th, 2015 at our Calgary office. Drop by and learn a little more about this 'unique' line.

Trend Watch: Retrofitting Spray Zones to Rotary Nozzles 

Retrofitting your customers existing spray heads with rotary nozzles can save up to 6,600 gallons per nozzle over a five-year period.  Link to study


Rotary nozzles are an ideal solution for residential and commercial sites where uniform coverage and healthy turf are desired.


Multi-trajectory, rotating streams of rotary nozzles apply water more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays. Independent water audits now document water savings of 20% or more when conventional sprinklers are replaced with rotary. Additional water-saving advantages include better wind resistance and less misting. Because water is applied more slowly, there is less chance for run-off in tight soils.


To achieve efficient watering with rotary nozzles, you must:

  • Convert all spray nozzles to rotary nozzles on the zone
  • Not mix rotary nozzles with other application types
  • Adjust watering run times and cycles at the controller

Offer your customers the option of rotary nozzle conversions. They'll appreciate a greener, healthier lawn with water savings.  You'll appreciate the added easy boost to your bottom line.  



Irrigation Audits Help You Identify Ways to Help Your Customers Save Water and Money

As property owners and managers look for ways to cut back on monthly expenses, many are looking for ways to save on their irrigation water bills.  
Depending on location, landscape irrigation can use up to 40% of the water consumed by a site.
Understanding the opportunities for a more efficient system begins with a water audit.  The purpose of an audit is to determine how much water is being used in landscape irrigation and how efficiently (or inefficiently) it is being applied.
Conducting an audit is not a simple task, and requires training to be done effectively.   It's not as easy as verifying that the equipment is working properly.  Calculations also need to be performed to determine the actual water usage versus what is a recommended usage based on local conditions. 
A good audit will examine the system equipment (sprinklers, emitters, controls, pressure regulators, etc.) plus it will include measurable performance testing of the system's overall efficiency.  The auditor supplies the property owner with detailed results and recommendations on how to achieve greater water efficiency.  
It's a worthwhile investment that can lead to significant savings.   In the years ahead, water audits are likely to be commonplace throughout our industry.  Begin offering water audits as part of your services now to be ahead of the crowd. 
Use Smart Irrigation Month to Sell Water Saving Upgrades to Your Customers 

Water use peaks during hotter weather.  That's why July was selected for Smart Irrigation Month.  Now is the perfect time to start marketing irrigation upgrades to your customers.


The Irrigation Association's Smart Irrigation Month campaign is an industry-wide initiative to help consumers understand the importance of water savings and to connect them with professionals who can upgrade older, inefficient systems with the latest technology.


What are the best ways to market water-efficient products to your customers?


Customers will buy when the benefits of water-saving upgrades are clearly explained to them.   You must invest in promotion and education to create awareness.

  • Send postcards to current customers promoting upgrades like moisture sensors, upgraded nozzles and smart controllers.    
  • Include promotional stuffers with your monthly statements.    
  • Leave smart watering door hangers with customers as part of their regular yard care and fertilization routes. These door hangers provide recommended hot-weather watering schedules and related water-saving products.    


Download FREE Resources

Find statistics, tips and related content for your marketing materials on the  Smart Irrigation Month website.

Protect Valuable Greens with Cover-Tech Covers

Protecting greens with a Cover-Tech golf green cover is a must for any course.  Avoid the damaging effects of harsh winds.  Studies show that covering a golf green or any turf will reduce damage.  Whether you are looking for a permeable tarp to protect your turf from wind desiccation and aid in spring green up, Consolidated Turf can help.


Our permeable tarps allow for natural light to pass through for faster green up. 

We also offer an ice eliminator turf cover. These impermeable covers are perfect for turf vulnerable to ice build up and damage, by separating the damaging ice from the turf.   Available with bubble insulation too.  


10% Off Borgert Pavers This Month at Consolidated Turf

Borgert's paving stones offer the advantages of granite - exceptional strength, durability and long-lasting beauty.

Look inside any one of Borgert's pavers and you will see why they are better.

Consolidated Turf offers a wide selection of Borgert products for your landscape projects.

Check out their pavers and wall systems here