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Professionals Monthly Update
January 2016
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The start of a new year is a time to reflect on past successes and to resolve to accomplish new things.  

ow is the time to implement new resources and strategies for spring.  Determine the things that will help you the most when it gets busy, things like new software to streamline operations, fine-tuning your employee search and recruiting processes, growing your team's technical skills and much more.   

In the coming year, we'll be sharing resources, knowledge and encouragement to help you reach your goals.   

Our mission is to provide you both great products AND great support.

See you soon!

The Team at Consolidated Turf
Our Spring Programs Are On The Way!
Watch for a message from your Consolidated Turf representative on our important spring updates:
  • Our 2016 Spring Stocking Program 
  • Truckload specials on spring landscape supplies
  • Landscape lighting opportunities
We have great things to share with you! 
Rain Bird PEB Valves Just Got Sleeker and Stronger    

The best-in-class PEB, PESB and PESB-R Series Valves have a new look with a stronger bonnet for years of trouble-free performance in today's harsh, high-pressure applications.
Here's why you should try the new PEB Series. 
  • Temperature swings causing leaks? The new PEB Series have 65% higher leak resistance than competitive valves after extreme temperature swings.
  • High pressure blowing your top? With 20% higher valve burst pressure, high-pressure surges are no problem for the new PEB Series.
  • Losing too much friction loss?  Not with the new PEB Series. With 50% less pressure loss, you can rest easy knowing the system you install will operate as intended.
The new PEB, PESB and PESB-R Series Valves will be available through us in Spring. 

Be sure to ask for your copy of Rain Bird's 2016 Product Catalog to get all of their updates for the new season. 
Need Pavers?  Call Consolidated!
Consolidated Turf is an authorized distributor for Borgert products.   We offer pavers and retaining wall block products in all of our locations.  We can get you exactly what you need for your project with no hassles. 

Beware if you are selecting pavers at home centers.  They will be less expensive because they are lower grade.  They do not pass pressure tests and frost-resistance tests which can cause cracking and crumbing.  We carry only the "commercial grade" products that will give you and your customers lasting satisfaction.

Borgert pavers exceed the ASTM Test Requirements for Interlocking Concrete Paving Stone, assuring you optimal value.
Planning a paver project?   Click here to use a handy calculator  
LASCO's Ultra-Zone Modular Manifold System
LASCO introduces Ultra-Zone manifold systems with integrated unions and hand-tightened connections for faster installation. This innovative system features a telescoping design to make valve installation and service fast and easy.
    • Large o-rings insure no leakage, fittings can be hand-tightened. 

    • No solvent welding multiple fittings to build a manifold.  Much faster!

  • No tools required, no leaks
  • Replace valves with different lengths in minutes with less digging
  • Pressure rated to 150 PSI, tested to over 480 PSI
  • Ideal for both new installations and service re-builds
  Download the PDF brochure for more information.    
It's Time to Order Tools for Spring
Ask Us About Our Tool Early Order Program    

A cheap shovel is seldom a bargain.  When it breaks, you've got an unproductive employee and a job behind schedule.    We're hearing from contractors that the low-grade shovels from the big box stores just don't hold up.

Take action:  Before the season starts, take inventory of your tools and then take advantage of our spring tool early order program.  

Your spring tool early order can get you ready for the season with shovels, grading rakes, pruning tools, tampers, sprinkler head trimmers, valve keys, mulch forks, wheelbarrows and much more.  We have access to the top contractor brands in the industry and can get you the exact styles and features you need.  

A pro-grade tool costs a little more, but can last for multiple seasons.  That's a smart bargain!
Meet Your New Best Friend for Landscape Lighting 
The   L-tool ® from King Innovation® is a new stainless steel multi-tool designed specifically with lighting contractors in mind.  Lighting installers and professionals have a number of tools required on a daily basis, and carrying all these items to each site location is cumbersome and time consuming. 
Cousin to the I-tool®, the L-tool focuses on the lighting industry. The L-Tool is every landscape lighting professional's best friend, used for lighting system installations, troubleshooting or repair.
The following eighteen (18) easily accessible, auto-locking, tools are included in the L-tool: Wire Stripper, Wire Cutter, Wire Puller, Pliers, Cross Bit Screwdriver, Small Flat Head Screwdriver, Large Flat Head Screwdriver, 5/32 Hex Key, 5/64 Hex Key, 3mm Hex Key, Scribe, Brush & Tube Brush, Level, Ruler, Saw, Lift Tool, Knife, Tape Roll Holder (on pouch). Constructed of sturdy stainless steel, each tool locks into place after each use. We crafted a lightweight, yet strong, compact tool to last. In addition, a durable nylon carrying case is included with every tool. The way the L-tool is organized provides for maximum leverage and easily releases after each use.
Compatibility with all major lighting brands makes the L-tool the only tool a contractor will need for every job. Carefully engineered, the L-tool exudes exquisite craftsmanship and can be easily navigated, making the lighting professional's job easier and more efficient. Don't fumble with multiple tools on your truck ever again!   Ask to see it at our counter.