Golf Irrigation

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Pumps and Pump Stations

Rain Bird applies its world leading irrigation expertise to the design and manufacture of golf pump stations. By doing so, only Rain Bird is able to provide totally integrated irrigation solutions, reservoir to rotor. Solutions that reliably and dependably deliver a more playable course, while lowering utility costs. Further ensuring pump station efficiency are integrating filtration systems that maintain source water clarity, which saves time and minimizes maintenance. Rain Bird offers a variety of pump station options to meet your needs. From main irrigation pump stations for flows up to 10,000 GPM and water feature pump stations for flows up to 10,000 GPM and greater, to intermediate flow pump stations with flows up to 750 GPM and enclosed low flow pump stations for flows up to 300 GPM. Pump stations from Rain Bird feature a reliable Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). VFD Technology has proven to be the most efficient in reducing energy costs and minimizing system wear.

Pump Manager with SmartPump

Combine a Rain Bird Pump Station and Central Control Software to fully integrate pump station operation with your Central Control with Real Time communication. Pump Manager with SmartPump™ provides for pump station control and full monitoring capabilities from the site control.

Filters and Filtration

Rain Bird filters keep irrigation systems free of the contaminants that degrade performance and efficiency. Whether the system utilizes rotors, sprays or drip devices, there is a Rain Bird filtration product designed for the application.

Water Feature Pump Stations

Reliable Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Water Feature Pump Stations allow adjustable water feature appearance and provide a “Night-Run” mode that prevents stagnant water when the full look of the water feature is not desired. Constant speed systems require that the system be on or off , allowing water to stagnate during non-running periods. Available in flows up to 10,000 GPM and greater in the following configurations: Vertical Turbine Pump Stations for Wet-well Applications. Split-Case and Horizontal End Suction for Flooded Suction Applications.

Main Irrigation Pump Stations

Reliable Variable Frequency Drive Pump Stations designed to serve as the main irrigation pump station for golf courses. Rain Bird’s Pump Systems are designed for both new construction projects and can be custom built for tough-to-fit renovation projects.

Intermediate Flow Pump Stations

Reliable Variable Frequency Drive, Single Horizontal End Suction Pump Stations designed for boosting pressure on golf course with elevation changes, lake transfer, or serving as the main irrigation pump station on smaller golf courses configured for flooded-suction or suction lift.