Golf Irrigation

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Field Control Systems

Rain Bird® Field Control Systems are engineered to deliver the trusted performance that golf course professionals need to optimize course appearance and playability. From best-in-class satellite-based systems to reliable field decoders to the dynamic new IC System,™ Rain Bird offers a full range of solutions. Choose Rain Bird field control for easy irrigation scheduling, adjustment and maintenance.

IC System™

Now, Integrated Control Technology is built into the rotor and valve for easy, streamlined control. The new Rain Bird® IC System™ connects central control directly to the rotor or valve. No field controllers, decoders, secondary wiring or unnecessary splices mean fewer areas that can breakdown, wear out or malfunction.


The easy-to-program, central control-ready Rain Bird® PAR+ES Controller features 72-Station capability, unlimited programs with central control, premium surge protection, extensive diagnostics and a best-in-class pedestal enclosure.

PAR+ES Decoder Controller

The PAR+ES Sat Decoder combines the features and benefits of a controller system with those of a decoder system. The resulting advantages for the user include: Easy Installation, Reduced Installation CostsEasy Expansion.


Get the power of advanced water management in one, easy-to-use package with the full-featured ESC-1 Controller. This golf-quality, value-priced controller features four programs, a real-time calendar and the best customer satisfaction program in the industry.


A technology long-since proven on golf courses around the world, Rain Bird decoders provide \"best-in-class\" field control on centrally controlled irrigation systems. Installed underground and featuring simple, low-cost wiring, decoders are an aesthetically pleasing, full-featured, economical option for reliable in-field control.