Golf Irrigation

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Advanced Control Technologies

Rain Bird® Central Control Systems are designed with ease of use in mind. These systems effectively integrate advanced technologies and optional software to arrive at solutions that manage water use responsibly to save money and reduce utility costs, while continually enhancing course appearance and improving playability

MI Series Mobile Controller

Remote access to your central control is now as convenient as the Internet, with mobile control. This software runs on your central control computer to provide remote irrigation control via a web enabled cell phone. Rain Bird® MI Series Mobile Controllers are designed to work on a standard cell phone with Internet connectivity and offer far more remote options than anything else available. Once connected to the Internet, up to 9 remote users can simultaneously control sprinklers and programs, review system activity or directly change settings on both sprinklers and irrigation programs. All activity is logged for convenient review. Available in Basic, Advanced and Professional versions, you can turn sprinklers and programs on and off. You can see which sprinklers and programs are running, how much they are using and how long they have been running.

ISS Integrated Sensor System

Only the Rain Bird® Integrated Sensor System™ (ISS) delivers accurate soil sensor readings immediately following installation without calibration, and dynamic central control integration. Through accurate, real-time measurements of moisture, salinity and temperature, the Rain Bird® ISS can help save time, water and other inputs, while maximizing turf health. The easy-to-install ISS can be used as a standalone system or can be seamlessly integrated with a Rain Bird central control. The ISS can even automate irrigation and adjust run times based on sensor feedback. Monitoring your course’s hotspots without breaking into a sweat. That’s The Intelligent Use of Water™.

The FREEDOM System™

Rain Bird’s® FREEDOM™ System makes remote control of your irrigation system easier than ever! The FREEDOM System allows real-time operation of your central control from anywhere on the course. The FREEDOM handheld provides reliable, two-way communication with your Rain Bird system. Use it to choose from command-based or schedule-based operations, making irrigation adjustments a snap. Either way, The FREEDOM System puts you in control of your irrigation management system wherever you are.

Weather Stations

Rain Bird offers two Weather Station Options to help meet your course’s unique irrigation management needs. Both WS-PRO2 and the WS-PRO LT provide evapotranspiration (ET) management and reporting capabilities; while only the WS-PRO2 offers optional intelligent alarm and irrigation control responses through powerful Smart Weather™ software.


Patented Rain Bird® RainWatch™ technology maximizes water efficiency, while minimizing system wear and tear, through intelligent, real-time decision-making based accurate rainfall measurement.


Rain Bird’s Smart Pump™ is a powerful central control software tool that improves pump station performance more than any comparable product on the market. It integrates your irrigation system from Reservoir to Rotor, constantly comparing actual flow to expected flow. By making smart, real-time decisions based on this information, it optimizes your system — saving water, conserving electricity and reducing wear and tear on your valuable pumping system.