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Professionals Monthly Update
December 2015
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The construction is winding down and after a long fruitful season, we hope you take some time to relax and recharge.

We appreciated the opportunity to work with you this year and wish you and the people close to you a happy holiday season.

We will be open during the winter from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday.   The week between Christmas and New Years we will close to allow our team members to spend time with their families.   Look for many improvements and renovations in each store in the New Year.

In the months ahead, we will help you plan ahead for a great 2016 by sharing tips and ideas on the right people, systems and equipment to have in place to be ready for spring demand.

We appreciate your business. 

Best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday season.

The Team at Consolidated Turf
Legenday Performance: NDS Catch Basins & Grates
Designed for years of trouble-free service, NDS offers a complete line of catch basins and grates for residential and commercial stormwater management solutions.

NDS catch basins have sump areas that collect debris and prevent clogging of the pipeline, and grates are available in a variety of patterns and colors to blend in with surrounding surfaces.

We offer round, square or atrium grates to fit with catch basins.

The exclusive 1200NGB next generation catch basin is a 12" x 12" catch basin that has unique inlet / outlets with three adjustable positions. The basin can accept pipe at various elevations and sizes using universal outlet adapters to accommodate the job's needs. The 1200NGB catch basin allows for greater flexibility during drainage installations, saving time and money.

Yes, We Have Ice Melt!
Check Out Our Selection and Competitive Prices   

We offer pricing by the bag and by the pallet on three of the industry's most popular blends.

Our custom blend is carefully tuned to the needs of our harsh winters.  

Click to download current prices 

New Products Can Boost Your Profits in Irrigation Service Next Season
Routine maintenance is part of keeping an automobile in good working order. Changing the oil, wiper blades and brake pads ensures top performance and prolongs the useful life of the vehicle.
Irrigation systems also have components that wear out over time. With the large number of irrigation systems installed in the last 25 years, the irrigation maintenance, repair and overhaul business is expected to grow at twice the rate of installations in the next 5 years.
Smart contractors are increasing their focus on the fast-growing service side of the business. These companies can benefit by learning more about the unique products, tools and technology available that can equip an efficient, effective field service team.
We offer a number of handy and affordable products from The Source, Inc. that are particularly helpful in the diagnosis, maintenance and repair of older irrigation systems. 

"Universal" Replacement Solenoids Many original manufacturer valve solenoids will have a useful life of less than 7 years, while the overall system is expected to last for over 30 years. Therefore, solenoids are commonly replaced several times over the life of the system. 
With a wide variety of brands, types and styles of valves already in the ground, it's almost impossible for a contractor to carry an exact fit for every situation. The Source, Inc. offers a universal solenoid kit that adapts to many older brands of valves. Every service truck should carry one of these kits so technicians can complete repairs to oddball valves without needing to special order parts.
Electric Valve Repair / Rebuild Kits Internal operating parts within irrigation valves wear out with regular on/off operation. With larger-size plastic or brass valves, it always makes sense to rebuild or repair the existing valve rather than replacing it entirely. With a rebuild, there's less disruption to the system and less chance for damage to or contamination of other components. For over 30 years, The Source, Inc. has packaged the well-accepted R Co. comprehensive repair kits that enable the technical to replace all wear-related parts during a rebuild (diaphragm, spring, o-rings). These handy kits are clearly labeled by brand and size so there's no guessing on which parts to buy or replace.
Electrical Diagnostic Tools Many companies are adding new technicians to keep up with customer demand for irrigation service. New technicians appreciate the convenience of jobsite diagnostic tools that point them directly to the problem component. The Source, Inc. offers handy devices especially for irrigation troubleshooting that make it simple to check system components (controller, valve, wiring) with simple pass/fail indicators. These products include the Checkmate III and Checker Jr. In addition, the handy Chatterbox is the most economical tool available to locate unmarked/buried valves.
Tap into the growing market in profitable irrigation service with smart solutions that help technicians be more productive and successful in diagnosing and completing repairs.  Stock your truck with these important problem-solvers for upcoming jobs. 
No Power?  No Problem!  Toro's Reliable DDCWP Battery Powered Controller

Looking for a rugged waterproof controller ideal for remote or isolated installations?

Toro's DDCWP Series controller offers exclusive digital dial technology provides the simplicity of a mechanical dial without any moving parts. The digital dial guides you through simple programming functions. Available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-station models, the DDCWP is fully waterproof and submersible, allowing direct installation in the valve box.
  • Three independent programs
  • Three start times per program
  • Unique power feature that verifies sufficient power to turn off valves before turning on
  • Rain-sensor compatible
Learn more here.  
When Should You Raise Prices?  Here are 5 Drivers   
Many professional contractors focus on submitting the lowest
price among a growing list of competitors. While this is a pricing method, it's not really a strategy. A strategic approach takes into account market conditions and the advantages your company offers.
Here are 5 reasons when raising your price makes sense:
Tough customers. Working for an unpleasant owner, a general contractor who is slow pay or other special "tough buyer"?   Charge more.   It makes sense to bid higher or charge more with the accounts that make it difficult. If they leave, your competitor gets the grief. If they stay and pay the up-charge, you're rewarded for the extra effort.   More importantly, raising price can lead to conversations about how they can make your life easier in order to keep the prior price.
Your excellent reputation.   The best contractors always charge the most. You don't need to be the low bidder when you consistently deliver good results. If you have Lexus quality and service, you don't need Yugo pricing.
Your capacity.   Why take work at low prices if you're already booked? Ask for down payments against full- price contracts for customers to reserve their place in the queue.   With the market coming back, customers who had put off necessary projects are coming back into your market. And many of your competitors can't handle the workload.
You're the expert.   If you have unique specialties or knowledge not available elsewhere, market them and charge extra for them. The services and expertise you offer that are not available from others are worth premium pricing. For example, if you're the only drainage contractor with a diagnostic camera, charge extra for the camera service.
Risk. Anytime there are unknowns on a project: soil conditions, unusual job locations, geographic distances, and specialized products, be sure to add a factor to your pricing. The riskiest projects are often the most profitable if you build it into the pricing structure from the start. Developing a reputation for handling the tough ones like central control, pumping systems, large diameter pipe, etc. is a sure path to future jobs and referrals.
Handy Tool to Find Buried Valves - Get One for Spring! 
Now there's a fast way to locate lost valves, the Chatterbox.

It fits in the palm of your hand and can be quickly connected to any 24-volt irrigation controller to help you find buried valves fast.

Once connected to the specific zone wire at the irrigation controller, the unit will cause the solenoid on the wire to "chatter".  The vibrations and sound will lead you right to the valve's location.
  • Inexpensive enough for every technician to own.
  • No need to buy or rent expensive tracking equipment.
  • Pinpoint valve locations instead of hunting aimlessly.