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Professionals Monthly Update
August 2015
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Dear Marshall,


The hot days of summer are here. It's time to take extra care to avoid the perils of overexposure to heat.


Even though common ways to mitigate heat stress are well known, many firms still experience worker downtime and illness because employees don't take the precautions seriously.


Review these heat safety tips with your team for a better August: 


Schedule the toughest parts of the task during the morning hours.  Dig into the day's challenges before it gets oppressively hot.   Don't waste the cooler hours on paperwork or organizing supplies.  

Always have water available.   Be sure coolers are filled in the morning before you start the day.   Avoid excess caffeine and sugar.

Heat stress does not discriminate based on age or health. If you participate in strenuous activities outside without the proper summer heat safety measures, you need to take precautions.  Give new workers time to acclimate.

Use a buddy system.  Keep an eye on your co-workers and remind them to follow the rules.
Don't leave someone alone if they show symptoms.
Be safe out there!

Consolidated Turf Summer Hours

Winnipeg Monday - Friday 8:30 to 5:00

Saskatoon Monday- Friday 8:30 to 5:00 

Edmonton Monday - Friday 7:00 - 4:30  

Calgary  Monday - Friday 7:00 - 5:00    




Mark Your Calendar for These Upcoming Events


Manitoba Landscape Nursery Association

Tuesday August 25, 2015 Rossmere Golf & Country Club


32nd MGSA Annual Turfgrass Research Tournament

Monday, August 10th, 2015 Elmhurst Golf & Country Club


Consolidated Cup Qualifying Event

Thursday, August 6th, 2015 Carmen Golf & Country Club


Consolidated Cup Final

Tuesday August 18th, 2015 Pinawa Golf & Country Club



AGSA Championship - Lynx Ridge GC August 24th


Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre's Field Day - Turf Under Research Field Day 

August 27th  



2015 STA Research Golf Tournament, August 18th  


British Columbia

BCGSA Exchange Tournament, Whistler, August 29-31   




National Awards of Landscape Excellence

Register to attend the National Awards of Landscape Excellence.  The date is August 19, 2015 at the Radisson in Winnipeg.  Click here for the flyer




EasyTurf for Parking Lot Islands and Medians


Professionals are always looking for innovative ways to create beautiful outdoor areas. These days, they face additional challenges, including the need for conservation of natural resources. The key is to design inviting, functional spaces that are green in both appearance and impact. UltimateGrass is the ideal synthetic turf for today's landscaping projects, offering practical, environmental, and aesthetic benefits to public spaces. UltimateGrass requires considerably less water than natural grass and is durable enough to withstand heavy foot and paw traffic, making it the perfect choice for thriving communities.


Walk This Way

UltimateGrass makes a bright addition to shopping centers, parking lots, and walkways. The turf won't stain or fade due to sun or spills, guaranteeing vibrant expanses year-round. UltimateGrass is also non-toxic and drains easily, so it is safe for children and pets to play on.


Middle of the Road

Installing artificial turf in medians can save countless gallons of water per year, freeing up dollars for other projects. UltimateGrass is also a smart option for landscaping crews, as it requires significantly less maintenance than natural grass, which means less time spent working in busy roadways.


Reduce your water use, save money, and beautify your community with UltimateGrass.


NEW Blazing Twizt Loc Wire Connectors

Reduce the amount of wire connectors you stock!


With just 3 sizes of the new Blazing Twizt Loc waterproof wire connectors you will always have the right size to cover all your irrigation and outdoor lighting needs.

  • TLC-10 (Blue)
  • TLC-20 (Gray)
  • TLC-30 (Brown)

All three connectors work on solid or stranded wire and accept many combinations ranging from #22 to #10 gauge wire.


The connectors all feature "comfort grip" wings on them for ease of use in the field while wearing gloves or with wet and muddy hands.


This family of wire connectors all come bulk packaged in an industry-first, contractor-friendly, wide-mouth flexible water bottle or in smaller quantity zip lock bags.


Stop by today and check them out!  Click here for the spec sheet.      

Protect Controllers with Proper Grounding Practices   
Always install and verify correct grounding equipment   

Protecting expensive irrigation
control systems is an essential step for a quality installation. The thousands of feet of wiring in the typical commercial installation acts as an attractive target for lightning strikes. The more stations on a controller, the more important the number and placement of ground rods and ground plates becomes for an installation.

Good grounding begins with use of Regency Wire's UL-listed ground rods, 5/8" diameter and 8 foot length. These are driven in the ground no further than 10 feet from the controller locations and connected to the controller's grounding lug with a bare copper wire. A Cadweld connector is used to link the ground rod to the 6 AWG copper wire. The wire is never soldered to the rod. Rather, an exothermic weld is created with a Regency Cadweld kit. A Cadweld igniter must be utilized to properly install the kit.

Regency copper ground plates are often added into many installations. It is essential that the plates be surrounded by appropriate earth contact materials that are both non-corrosive and that aid in the conductivity of current from the plate into the soil. We recommend Regency GEM (Ground Enhancing Material).

The earth-to-ground resistance of grounding circuits are typically measured using a Megger®, or other similar instrument, with a desired maximum reading of no more than 10 ohms within the circuit. Many commercial irrigation specifications require ground testing of new installations to verify proper readings.

For more information on grounding and meeting requirements of project specifications, contact us.
Aquamaster Adds New Products

AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators is proud to announce the release of new and updated product offerings. These products will be available as of August 1, 2015.


New 11 Watt LED Night Glow Lighting
Our newest lighting offer-the 11W LED-utilizes a color diode board assembly for increased brightness and color brilliance while operating with reduced power consumption and cost. It is replacing the 13W, screw type bulb model discontinued by our manufacturer/supplier.  
Note: For Classic LE, 13W bulb has been replaced by a new 12W screw type bulb. These will continue to require lenses to change colors.      11 Watt 


Updated Adjustable Stage Wind Controls  
A new, easier to use capacitive touch pad controller with digital readout replaces our existing controller for both dual and single stage systems. Capacitive touch pad uses the same technology as smartphone screens-no pressure needed, just touch.   Wind Control 


New RGBW Lighting DMX Addresser  
This option allows communication to multiple light sets from a single controller and program. It will allow for customized programming of different colors, displaying different color patterns but synchronized into a single program. Example: A three fountain site could shift red, white, and blue across all three as a synchronized program.  Addresser 


New and Improved Lighting Sequencer Option 

Ideal for applications where limited programmed show lighting is desired but at a lower cost than the more advanced, state of the art RGBW models. This new, second generation Sequencer features a simplified touch panel and LED indicator interface that allows for simple change of programs and sequence time settings. There will be six programs available (5 color changing settings and 1 all on setting).  Sequencer  



Rain Bird LC Series Light Commercial Pump Stations

The LC Series by Rain Bird is a revolutionary complete pump package that includes a professional-grade pump, the highest quality pump protection and simple to install and operate fixtures all housed in a unique enclosure designed specifically for a pump.

With this complete solution, the days of retro fitting non-compatible parts together and housing them in a makeshift enclosure are over.

Only Rain Bird is able to provide totally integrated irrigation solutions that dependably delivers healthy, beautiful landscapes while lowering utility costs, saving time and minimizing maintenance.